Remember Anoka landlord Jim Corriveau?

by Luke Warner on September 23, 2010

If you need a refresher, click here. After dealing with the aftermath of the Golfview apartments, the City of Anoka has revamped their rental ordinance in order to prevent problems in the future. In August, the city adopted a new version of the code that gives tenants, landlords, and the city more defined rights. One important part of the new code strengthens the city’s power to suspend and revoke a landlord’s license in bad rental situations.

Anoka Ordinance Update

Corriveau became the first landlord to be cited for a violation and have his license suspended under the updated code. The Anoka City Council voted unanimously to suspend Corriveau’s license until October 31st, because he was not in compliance with a city ordinance regarding sewage lift stations. If he fails to install another sewage lift station by October 31st, then the city may start the process for actually revoking his rental license. Corriveau’s issues don’t end there — according to foreclosure listings on Anoka’s website, most of his properties in the city are in the foreclosure process. HOME Line will continue to monitor the situation and advise tenants of their legal rights.

License Suspension Corriveau

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Link to article on rental code update

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City suspends rental licensing at Anok apartment complex

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