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Are you a tenant, wondering what you can do to respond to an rental/landlord issue similar to those featured on this blog?  Look no further—HOME Line is a free resource for tenants in Minnesota.  There are a number of opportunities you have for accessing our services and for learning about what rights you have as a renter:

Free tenant hotline:

Have a renting question that you need legal advice for?  HOME Line operates a free hotline that provides legal advice to Minnesota renters.  If we can’t assist you, we can usually point you to someone else who can help, or give you some tips for the future.  The hotline can be reached at 612-728-5767 or Toll Free at 1-866-866-3546.

Email an attorney:

If you would rather communicate electronically, feel free to E-mail an Attorney via our website.

Tenant Organizing:

Sometimes tenants rights can be enforced through simple communication with a landlord or individually through legal action.  Other times it takes the action of an organized group of tenants to make their voices heard.  Tenants organize because they agree there is an issue/problem and they believe that their collective actions can address that issue or solve that problem.  We have an organizing resource page on our website as well as a guide to forming a tenant association to address common problems.

HOME Line’s Policy Blog:

Interested in learning about what we’re working on at the state capitol?  HOME Line is active at the state and federal level in public policy affecting tenants.  We help tenants work with their elected officials to address problems.  We also maintain a policy blog focused on tenant advocacy issues.

Minnesota State Law:

Want to read exactly what the state law says?  Minnesota State Statute 504B is the primary section that discusses Landlord/Tenant Law.  This can be could at the state legislature’s website, which is linked here.

Curious about your city’s ordinances?

Finding out about your city can be as easy as checking out its website.  Most cities maintain a list of their ordinances online, and they can be searched for particular topics.  If you do not find find what you’re looking for, calling the city’s information line will help point you in the right direction.  The State of Minnesota maintains a list of city websites, located here.

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