Minneapolis Renters

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Beginning April 1, 2014, our tenant hotline legal services for Minneapolis residents are free.

Renting in Minneapolis? Call us! 612-728-5767 or email us.

Other free Information & Services
Minneapolis renters can find self-help materials online at LawHelpMN.org, and low-income renters may qualify for Legal Aid: 612-334-5970. Additionally, the Minnesota Attorney General’s office has basic tenant/landlord legal information available on their website: http://www.ag.state.mn.us/consumer/housing/lt/default.asp
Student renters at the University of Minnesota can contact University Student Legal Services at (612) 624-1001 for free legal advice. University Student Legal Services also provides legal representation in certain cases.

Expansion of HOME Line’s services
Minneapolis had its own city funded service until 2012, when the city of Minneapolis cut funding for the program. In response to the closing of the city-sponsored Minneapolis Housing Services, HOME Line immediately began offering low cost paid services to Minneapolis renters. We simply could not serve the entire city for free without additional staff and resources.

Since Minneapolis cut its services, HOME Line has worked to get funding to provide free services to Minneapolis renters. In response to our efforts, HOME Line received one time support from the Minnesota Legislature through the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency to start our services in Minneapolis. To gain the legislators support, HOME Line testified that we would get the remaining funding from the City of Minneapolis. Generous support from the Family Housing Fund has allowed HOME Line to open our services for free to Minneapolis renters on April 1.

Ideally, we would have enough financial support to continue to serve Minneapolis with the same free services we currently offer throughout the state. If you want to see our services continue to serve Minneapolis, HOME Line needs your help. Contact your city council member and the Mayor’s office. Let them know how valuable these services are to renters in Minneapolis, and ask them to support HOME Line’s Tenant Hotline in the 2015 budget.

HOME Line’s expansion to begin serving Minneapolis is provided through generous support from: