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HOME Line offers free legal advice to Minnesota tenants on our hotline service. We have found that many renters like to communicate directly with our experienced housing attorneys via email.  You can do this yourself by filling out the below form in as much detail as possible.  Over 7,000 renters have taken advantage of this service.  Responses are usually given within one business day (and usually much sooner), and we can often direct you to online resources such as forms and cases relevant to your issue.

If you are emailing about an issue where there is a possible conflict of interest, we may need more information.  For instance, if you are emailing about a problem with a roommate, we will need to know the roommates name and address of the property in dispute (lawyers can only advise one side of a conflict).  If you are emailing about a problem with a neighbor, we will need your address and your neighbor’s address.  We check these names and addresses in our database to make sure we haven’t previously advised the other side.

Please fill in as much as you can. All of the fields below are required to be completed for the form to be submitted, and they help us to provide the best legal advice to you. All information submitted remains confidential. Demographic information helps HOME Line demonstrate to funders how our services benefit Minnesota renters.

Email an Attorney

  • Note: We only serve tenants in Minnesota