Hotline Services

HOME Line offers free legal advice to tenants through our hotline services.   Lawyers, law students and community volunteers give tenants legal advice and options for resolving rental problems. We serve the entire state of Minnesota and provide bilingual services in Spanish and Somali, HOME Line has assisted over 185,000 renters through our tenant hotline services. We now assist more than 1,000 renters a month. All hotline services are free and confidential.

If you are a tenant in Minnesota and you have a rental question, you can reach our Tenant Advocates for legal advice at:

(612) 728-5767

…or call us toll-free from Greater MN at:

(866) 866-3546

You can also E-mail one of our attorneys from our website with your questions.

Spanish and Somali speaking renters can reach us through the general hotline numbers or dial directly.

For Spanish speakers, the direct line is 612-255-8870.

For Somali Speakers, the direct line is 612-255-8860

HOME Line can help with questions and problems such as:

  • Repairs
  • Emergency repairs:
    Water Loss
    Loss of Heating
  • Evictions
  • Security Deposits
  • Bed bugs and other infestations
  • The Landlord enters without notice

Tenant/landlord law advice and problem-solving includes:

  • Explanations of applicable laws
  • Procedures for legal options available to tenants
  • Providing form letters, fact sheets, excerpts from statutes, or other written information
  • Referrals to local housing inspectors, sources of emergency assistance, etc.

The hotline is free and available to all tenants, regardless of income.

Most tenants can assert their rights without representation (as long as they have the right information), however we do provide limited paid consultations and representation.

For more information on paid legal services, click here.